How Much Do Patio Doors Cost?

For homeowners wishing to bring the outdoors indoors, installing new patio doors at the rear of their property is a high priority. Not only do they provide convenient access to your garden with great security, but they also open up the room to natural light and a garden view, making an appealing living space for you and […]

What is the Cost of a New Patio?

If you’ve ever wanted to sit in the garden on a warm day and enjoy the sun’s rays without having to walk across damp, dirty or muddy grass, then you’ve probably longed for a patio. Laying down slabs to create an outdoor living space is relatively simple, and extends your home into the garden. Whether […]

The True Costs of Decking

If having a perfectly turfed garden has never been your dream, but you still like the idea of having a social space to relax in with friends and family, your solution may lie with timber decking. Done right, decking can become a fantastic feature and a place to enjoy good weather, host barbecues and parties […]

The Cost Of Block Paving

Block paving is touted for adding value to your property, making it a fairly obvious choice if you’re thinking about giving your driveway or back garden an overhaul, and getting rid of uneven ground or old paving. Block paving is cost-effective and generally offers a good return on investment. Plus, block paving comes in a […]

Five Ways to Reduce Turfing Costs

Laying turf in your garden is a quick way to transform the look of a tired, unloved space. Unlike grass seed, turf gives an immediate overhaul – but, as with most quick fixes, comes with a higher price tag. However, there are ways you can make re-turfing your garden work on a budget. This article […]

Tree Surgeon Costs

Overgrown trees can be a common problem, casting gardens into darkness or shedding too many leaves. Further to cosmetic issues, if trees are too close to your house they can affect your property’s foundations if left to grow, causing expensive damage. Your neighbours might have complained about your garden’s trees getting too big, or you […]

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Fence in My Garden?

Garden fences go through a lot. They’re standing during the blistering heat and freezing cold, endure footballs being bounced on them, and lashings of rain and wind beating their sides throughout the year. It’s no wonder some fence panels can quite literally be on their last legs. Repairing, replacing or adding in fence panels where […]

Costs of Landscaping Your Garden

Flicking through the pages of home and garden magazines, it’s natural to encounter some green-fingered envy for the landscaped gardens on each page. With the ever-growing popularity for indoor-outdoor living, we’re taking more care of our gardens than ever before – and it means that sad flowerbeds and weed-ridden lawns stand out for all the […]

Price of Artificial Grass

What’s the Price of Artificial Grass? 2022 Installation Costs Last Updated on September 6, 2022 The term artificial grass might still strike fear in many – in the past, fake grass has been synonymous with lurid greens, spiky strands, and when warm, the smell of hot plastic. Thankfully, things have come along since then, and manufacturers […]