How Much Does Plastering Cost?

Does your home’s exterior plaster look a little bit tired, or are you sick of taking the time to re-paint a room indoors only to be met with peeling patches and paint that never lasts? These could be the tell-tale signs that your home’s plaster needs a refresh. Although plastering may look as simple as […]

How Much to Board My Loft?

Do you live in a house where storage space is at a premium, and it just seems like there is clutter everywhere? Maybe you wish you could put all the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the way and out of your immediate living space. Boarding out your loft is one of the quickest ways to create […]

How Much Does It Cost For a New Kitchen Sink?

Replacing a kitchen sink is one of the simpler DIY jobs a homeowner can do. However, things can end up getting a little complicated on the plumbing side when it’s not a straightforward like-for-like replacement. Suddenly, the wastewater pipes don’t line up, and you end up with more plumbing work than you bargained for… which […]

How Much to Install Loft Ladders?

If you’ve got a loft in your property that you currently can’t access, installing a loft ladder is the best way to make getting into the loft convenient and easy. Loft ladders can help to maximise the use of the loft and in doing so, offer you more storage space. In this article, we’ll be discussing how […]

What’s The Cost of Wooden Flooring?

Synonymous with durability and luxury, wooden flooring is growing in popularity among modern homeowners. And nothing beats the thrill of finding a beautifully aged wooden floor beneath an old carpet. With these accolades come high price points, but there are cost-effective methods to help you shave costs. In this article, we cover what you can […]

How Much Will It Cost To Tile My Floor?

Floor tiles can add colour and texture to your kitchen or bathroom, giving a luxurious air to a room, and looking striking in a hallway or an open-plan kitchen. They’re also durable and entirely suitable for a kitchen space as they’re easy to clean up accidental spills of food or drink. There are lots of […]

Price Of New Kitchen Cupboard Doors and Worktops?

Wanting a new kitchen, but just don’t have the money? Did you know that you stand to save thousands of pounds by just giving your kitchen cupboards a facelift? Instead of funding an entirely new kitchen, why not spend a fraction of the cost and replace kitchen cupboard doors and worktops instead. The results can be […]

Get the Best Carpet Fitter Price

It’s no secret: fresh flooring can completely transform a room. Even if your current carpet isn’t very old, bringing in a splash of colour can be a lot less messy than repainting, and can breathe new life into your home. The cost of carpet varies considerably depending on the quality you decide to buy, as […]

Price of Installing and Replacing Extractor Fan

Bathrooms are the rooms typically most in need of an extractor fan. Your shower, bath and taps all add up to create excessive moisture which lingers in the air – and if the room isn’t properly ventilated, this excess of moisture can condensate and cause damp. An extractor fan is the perfect fix for this problem […]

How to Get Rid of Mould in Your Home

Mould is a serious nuisance that affects almost every home at one time or another. Spores in the air can affect your health so it is important to deal with mould as soon as you can – but this is sometimes easier said than done. Black mould, or mildew, is the most common type of […]