Celtic Park

If you have moved to the city and love your football, why not catch a Celtic game, or get a tour of the legendary Celtic park.

Celtic along with Rangers is Scotland’s most us successfully football club and the legendary Parkhead stadium is the 6th largest stadium in the British Isles. The full capacity of the stadium is a little over 60,000 and the atmosphere is revered all around Europe.

History Of Celtic Park

Celtic park was originally built at Springfield road and the ground was made completely by volunteers. The first match there was a classic old firm tie and Celtic recorded a 5-2 victory. In 1892 the landlord increased the rent and Celtic were forced to leave the ground. A brickyard was the venue for the new ground and at the time the ground was considered one of the best in the UK and was perhaps only rivaled by Everton’s Goodison Park. The ground proved very popular and the Scotland v England gamin in1894 at the British Home Championships received record crowds of 45,001. Celtic finally bought the ground for £100,000 in 1897.

Between 1957 and 1994 Celtic made some great improvements to their ground, these included a roof on the western end, flood lights and the development of the famous Jungle terrace.

Before the war Celtic park was used for multiple events and was used for shinty, cycling world championships and even rugby league. In 1909 The Northen Rugby Union faced off against a touring Australia side. The stadium has even played a role in the world wars and was an official recruitment center.

The stadium has played host to some great music events and musician’s over the years. Some of the notable acts have included Bryan Adams, Paul McCartney, and Wet Wet Wet. In more recent times the stadium has played host to the commonwealth games in 2014 and was the venue for the opening ceremony.

If you are planning to move to Glasgow and love your Football, coming for a tour to Celtic park or a game would be a great day out.

Celtic Park is one of Your Property Wizards, must see venues.