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How Much to Install Loft Ladders?

If you’ve got a loft in your property that you currently can’t access, installing a loft ladder is the best way to make getting into the loft convenient and easy. Loft ladders can help to maximise the use of the loft and in doing so, offer you more storage space.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how much a loft ladder costs, what affects the cost of a loft ladder, how to save money on a loft ladder, what’s involved in installing a loft ladder and how to find and hire a professional.

If you’re wanting to make your loft space more practical and accessible as a storage solution, keep reading to find out what loft ladder is the best fit for you and your needs.

How Much Does a Loft Ladder Cost?

The cost of a loft ladder will vary depending on the type and style of ladder you want installed. Some ladders can be installed to existing loft openings, to make it easy for you to gain access to the loft.

Do be aware that in some instances, installing a loft ladder will also mean installing an access hatch.

The cost of installing loft ladders varies depending on the kind of loft ladder chosen.

There are typically two types of loft ladder:

  • Sliding loft ladders
  • Folding loft ladders
Sliding £80 to £400 £150 to £300 £230 to £700 4 to 8 hours
Folding £140 to £800 £200 to £300 £340 to £1,100 4 to 8 hours
Concertina £150 to £1,200 £150 to £300 £300 to £1,500 4 to 8 hours
Telescopic £200 to £300 £200 to £300 £400 to £600 4 to 8 hours
Electric £1,800 to £6,000 £300 to £1,000 £2,100 to £7,000 1 to 2 days
Install new hatch £30 to £120 £150 to £200 £180 to £320 2 to 4 hours

If you want a sliding loft ladder, the estimated supply cost will be between £80 to £400, depending on the size. Labour costs associated will be between £150 to £300, and the job itself will take between four to eight hours to complete.

For a folding loft ladder variation, the price moves up slightly to be between £140 and £800 for the stock itself. The labour on top of this will then be somewhere between £200 to £300 and will take between four to eight hours, also.

A concertina loft ladder will be more expensive yet, at between £150 to £1,200 depending on the size and spec of the model you opt for. Labour costs will be between £150 and £300, and it will take just as long to complete as the sliding and folding variations.

Telescopic loft ladders come in at between £200 to £300, with an additional £200 to £300 as well for labour. They’ll take between four to eight hours to instal in your loft.

For something more premium, there are electric options, which – as you’d expect – cost a lot more than the other variants at £1,800 to £6,000, depending on style, size and model. These will incur labour fees of £300 to £1,000 and take between one to two days to be fitted.

Finally, if all of this work means you need a new or slightly enlarged hatch fitted, that’ll cost between £30 to £120, with £150 to £200 in labour fees added on, too. For this to be completed by a professional, you’ll be waiting for around two to four hours.

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What Affects the Cost of a Loft Ladder?

As we’ve seen above, the simple choice of the ladder will bump up your price considerably, but there are a few other factors to consider, too.

Ladder Design

At the lower end of the scale, sliding ladders can cost between £80 to £400, depending on height, with folding ladders costing £140 to £800.

For something mid-range, you can choose from telescopic loft ladders, at between £200 to £300, or a concertina design at between £150 to £1,200 – which can be especially useful if access to your loft is awkward or if there isn’t much floor space. If you need a more flexible concertina ladder, your price will rise, so it’s something to bear in mind.

Finally, at the top end of the scale is the electric loft ladder, at between £1,800 to £6,000 depending on height and design.

Ladder Material

If you’re after a stronger ladder, then it may be made from wood or aluminium, and steel is a material that is used on occasion. An ideal material for loft ladders is aluminium as it is lightweight and durable – wood also has these qualities and comes with the benefit of being aesthetically pleasing.

Aluminium loft ladders will cost between £60 to £850, depending on height, design, and number of sections.

Timber loft ladders come in at between £150 to £400, depending on height and number of sections.

Whether You Need a New or Bigger Hatch

If you’re having your loft boarded at the same time as getting a new loft ladder, you may need to consider having a bigger hatch installed to make the space accessible.

These will come with their own prices, so it’ll be best to check in with your installer at the time they’re scoping out your job to see what is necessary, and what needs to be budgeted for in your project.


On top of the loft ladder itself, there are a few accessories you can have as add-ons:

  • Pole hooks – £15 each
  • Handrails £25 to £60 each
  • Grab Rails – around £60 per pair
  • Balustrade Kits for inside the loft – around £60

How Can I Save Money on a Loft Ladder?

There are a few ways of bumping the price of your loft ladder up – but there are also ways of bringing those costs down, too.

Ensure Access

One of the points that bump up trade costs is a lack of access. This can be to your actual property by way of having nowhere for the trader to park their vehicle, but can also simply be in them having issues in accessing the space they need to work in.

Giving the trader as much information on your situation beforehand is the best way to go, as this way, they’ll be prepared to work with whatever you have. This way, less time is spent on logistics, meaning the trader spends less time in your property, equalling lower labour fees.

Utilise Sales and Discount Days

You can purchase simple loft ladders and loft ladder systems from DIY and trade stores.

If the job isn’t particularly big and you’re simply wanting a replacement loft ladder, all you’ll need is the height of your current loft ladder to make sure you buy one that is the same size.

If you’re installing a folding ladder, make sure there is space for it in the loft and that it won’t construct the access.

Skip on the Extras

If it’s just a loft ladder you need, then make sure that’s all you sign up for. You won’t need handrails or grab rails if you just want a simple access route to your loft space – so don’t get pulled in by your trader’s upselling chat while discussing the scope of your job.

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What’s Involved in Installing a Loft Ladder?

Deciding whether or not you need a professional to instal a loft ladder comes down to the complexity of the ladder system and whether or not you have the DIY skills to take on the job yourself.

The most important thing is that the ladder is functional, safe and does not compromise the structure of your home in any way – namely the ceiling or attic floor.

If you believe you can fit the ladder yourself, then this is a great way to keep your labour costs down.

Hiring a professional is beneficial because you know that the job will be completed to a high standard and probably in a quicker time than you could do yourself.

How Do I Find and Hire a Professional?

Any professional worth their salt will pay you a visit to assess the work they need to do and give you a run down of the options available to you. We wouldn’t recommend trusting a tradesperson who is willing to give you a quote without seeing the size of the job.

The different aspects that will impact the quote will be the type of loft ladder you want installed and whether there is an access hatch.

When looking to enlist the help of a professional, it’s best to see if your family, friends or neighbours have had work done recently of a similar ilk – as if they have, you’ll likely be able to use their trader, too.

If no one has had work done – or by someone they’d recommend to you – then using an online tool like HouseholdQuotes can be a great way to go to consolidate your search, and help to save you both time and potentially up to 40% on your project’s cost.

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Ensuring the Professional Is the Right Fit

When speaking to contractors, you’ll want to ask about the following:

  • Their experience
  • References
  • Photos or videos of past jobs
  • Proof of insurance

It’s also best practice to get any quotes in written format and to refuse to work with anyone who doesn’t want to supply you with that, as they may be a rogue trader.

Final Checklist

If you want to make your loft conversion accessible, installing a new ladder is a great way to go.

Here’s our final checklist:

  • Choose a material suitable for your needs and budget
  • What style is best? Do you have a lot of space, or do you need a concertina design to help access a tricky spot?
  • Do you want any extras included, like grab rails or a handrail to aid access?
  • Use HouseholdQuotes to find a reputable trader to carry out the work for you


Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need to Make a Loft Hatch Bigger Before Installing a Ladder?

This will be the case in some scenarios, but it will depend entirely on your situation. Your loft ladder installer will be able to tell you what’s necessary, so it’s best to get their opinion when they come to scope out your job.

Are Metal Loft Ladders Better Than Timber Ladders?

Both materials are durable. An aluminium ladder will be durable yet lightweight; while timber will be durable and perhaps has better aesthetic properties, depending on your style.

Are Loft Ladders Safe?

You can add to a ladder’s safety by installing extras like handrails or grab rails to aid access to and from your loft space. As with anything at height, it’s best to take care and precautions when using the ladder.

How Much Does It Cost to Board a Loft?

The cost will depend entirely on the space and your desires for that space, from it being a simple shell for storage or a fully-functioning habitable space.

For full information and pricing, see our dedicated page on loft boarding here.

How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here – it again depends on the size, scope and function of the loft.

We have a full page on the cost of loft conversions here to help you make your decision.