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Looking for the best mortgage advisors in Edinburgh?


Your Property Wizard prides itself on recommending the best mortgage brokers in Edinburgh, who have been tried and tested for years by our experienced team. The key difference between us, and lenders, is that we will strive to get you the best deal, not the best deal for the lender!


Our trained experts will liaise with the best mortgage brokers in Edinburgh to get you the best deal!


Your Property Wizard will consistently hold a key advantage over high street banks, as we work with a range of lenders. Instead of wasting time listening to all the products from one company, why not get the best quote possible by letting Your Property Wizard do the work! Our professional mortgage brokers based in Edinburgh have an extensive list of options that high street banks simply cannot compete with. We work on your behalf, not the banks.


5 Reasons Why Our Network of Mortgage Advisers in Edinburgh Can Help You

  • We refer you to local mortgage brokers in Edinburgh with years of local knowledge
  • Our network of mortgage advisors are not associated with the bank.
  • Your quotes will be constructed from a large database of mortgage lenders.
  • Our experts are on hand to give over the phone advice and help guide you through the process.
  • Free mortgage advice Edinburgh

Your Property Wizard only works with local mortgage advisers that provide quality services

  • No expert fees
  • Will work outside office hours
  • Home visits at no cost to you
  • Cut out the industry jargon and get straight to the facts

Ultimately, finding a suitable mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. Why not let YourPropertyWizard’s team of experts carry out the work, and find you the best quote from the best mortgage brokers in Edinburgh.

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With many years of experience, our team are trained experts on dealing with property transactions around Glasgow and Scotland. The companies listed on our site will quickly source quotes for your chosen service. Our independent partners have decades of years of experience between them, which will make buying or selling your property, that little bit easier!

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