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23rd Mar 2019

How Much Does a Home Report Cost?

How much does a home report cost?

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question. Factors such as value, size and location of your home all have a bearing on how much a home report costs.

Why does this cost vary?

Traveling time is a big factor in how much a home report costs. A surveyor will generally quote based on the total amount of time needed to complete a home report. With this in mind, if your home is large, it will take the surveyor longer to deal with the particular home report. Generally, therefore, the cost of a home report will be more if the house is large, remote and of high value. If you can get a local surveyor to complete your home report, you will save yourself a lot of money. This is where your property wizard may come in handy. We have local surveyors in almost every region in Scotland.

Generally, what should I expect to pay for a home report?

Here at Your Property Wizard, we are upfront about the costs involved in getting a home report. Although our service is completely free, we source the best possible quotes for you, to ensure you never pay over the odds.

Assuming that there are no unique circumstances, the least you are likely to pay will be around £300 plus VAT. However, this will raise with the factors outlined above.

Once I instruct a surveyor, what is included in my home report cost?

The surveyor will not just value the property. They will also give a detailed report about the condition of the property, specifically areas in need of attention or repair. Moreover, included in the cost of the home report is an energy performance certificate.

Get in touch with our team here at Your Property Wizard to get the best possible quote for a home report in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Stirling and all other regions in Scotland.

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