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The Cost of New Hardwood Windows

When it comes to elegant and traditional style, nothing beats the look and feel of wooden windows, blending in well with the brickwork and period styling.

While hardwood is durable, with age and weathering it begins to deteriorate and lose its seal. Soon enough, the chilly draughts are being let into your house, and you’re wondering what to do to save them from being scrapped.

Once this invaluable layer of insulation has been compromised, you need to consider your options. Can you repair your windows, but what are new wooden windows prices – and are they within budget? Modern UPVC windows are cheaper, but simply not a suitable replacement in many cases.

In this article, we’ll be covering how much hardwood or timber windows cost, what affects the price of hardwood or timber windows, how to save money on hardwood or timber windows, how to know if hardwood or timber windows are the best choice for your home, what’s involved in fitting hardwood or timber windows and how to find and hire a window fitter for hardwood or timber windows.

If you know your hardwood windows need some TLC but aren’t sure how best to do it, keep reading to find out our top suggestions to keep costs low.


How Much Do Hardwood or Timber Windows Cost?

First of all, let’s identify the two most common types of windows:

Box Sash Windows are highly traditional and contribute to the period look of a property. Most are opened and closed by sliding vertically.

Casement (Framework) Windows can be either classic or modern in style. They are hinged to open and close as would doors.

Now for a few hard and fast rules for wooden window prices:

  • UPVC windows can be up to 30% cheaper than wooden windows
  • Casement windows are usually 50% cheaper than box sash windows
  • Double glazed windows will be double the price of single glazed
  • Darker woods such as maple and mahogany will be significantly more expensive than lighter woods like oak

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some prices:

Basic draught proofing £200 to £400 for entire house
Secondary glazing £300 per window
Temporary secondary glazing £110 per square metre
Repairing hardwood windows £200 to £250 per window
Replacement window panes £30 per pane
Small repairs £25 per window
Recondition casement windows £65 to £85 per window
Fit single glazed wooden windows £157 to £650 per window
Fit double glazed wooden windows £1,300 per window
Full window fit of double glazed £10,000 +

Basic Draught Proofing

If your wooden windows are old and draughty it’s possible to boost their insulation efficiency. Since Sash windows are especially vulnerable with age, having them draught-proofed can be very effective.

It’s a precise job that is best performed by a professional window fitter. Once completed, you will regain an airtight seal between the frame and the moving window.

Draft proofing wooden windows prices will lie between £200 to £400 for an entire house. Once complete, you should expect to save £50+ per year in energy bills.

Add a Secondary Glazing

The next option is to add an additional glaze to your current window to reinforce the insulating properties. In essence, you will be making your existing windows double-glazed.

This is a vastly cheaper option than having whole new double glazed windows fitted.

Fixed secondary glazing is a permanent addition to your window and costs around £300 per window.

Temporary secondary glazing is used to measure plastic windows that cover the inside of existing windows. EcoEase is a popular choice, and prices start from £110 per square metre.

Adding a secondary glaze can be completed by professional tradesmen or done yourself to save some money on labour fees.

Repairing Your Current Windows

As wood is exposed to the elements, years of expansion and contraction will take their toll. But even if your hardwood windows have aged significantly it may still be an option to have them repaired.

A trusted window fitter can completely dismantle your windows, re-adjust, re-align and service all joins. This will return the smooth operation and draught stopping ability that was originally intended.

For sash windows, a complete overhaul is recommended every 10 years or so. You should expect to pay between £200 to £250 per window.

Replacement glass panes can be fitted for £30, and other small repairs made for £25.

Casement windows can be reconditioned for £65 to £85 per window. The service will include new seals, repair of loose joints and service of hinges.

Fitting New Wooden Windows

Completely replacing your wooden windows is the most expensive option, but it provides the best results and has a great visual impact. However, if insulation and energy savings are your prime concern the previous options are more cost-effective.

Single glazed wooden windows prices usually range between £157 to £650, with an average  cost of £320. The price varies depending on style and size, but you can save money by shopping around and purchasing window/frames separately.

Wooden double glazed windows prices are usually double, for a sash window the prices can be as high as £1,300 each.

For a full house of double glazed wooden sash windows, you may need to budget £10,000+.

With a team of two professional workers, they can fit three to six windows per day. This number will depend upon the size of your windows and how easy it is to access these areas.

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What Affects the Cost of Hardwood Windows?

Costs can quickly spiral when it comes to hardwood windows, especially on larger properties. Here are the key areas you need to be aware of.

Condition of Existing Windows

Whether or not your current windows are in a condition that will allow for refurbishment and repair instead of replacement will be a big deciding factor on how much you pay.

This is why caring for your hardwood windows is so important from the moment they’re originally fitted to ensure their lifespan is as long as possible, thus making your initial investment more enduring than just a few years.

Amount of Windows

Put simply, the more windows you have, the higher the costs will be. This is because it’ll take longer for the traders to complete, as well as you’ll need to pay more for materials and replacement windows for your home.

Size of House

Similar to our last point, the size of your house will also impact the price you’ll pay. If you’re a single-storey bungalow, your costs will be lower as there will be less need for scaffolding or specialist working at height machinery – whereas something like a four-storey townhouse will have far higher costs.


This is something you can’t change, but it will impact the price you pay for most home renovations, with costs in London typically being higher than that of more rural locales.

Second to this is to consider if you’ll need any permits for the work, or the scaffolding required. If there is no parking available for your traders, and your road has permits only, you’ll have to make sure this is paid to allow your workers to park where they need to.

Choice of Timber

The more luxurious the wood, the higher the price. If you’re looking for cost-effective options, it’s an idea to look at less premium ranges to find something suitable for your budget.

How Can I Save Money on Timber Windows?

With large costs, it’s good to know of the key ways to reduce your overheads. Here’s what we suggest.

Keeping up Appearances

Both in the literal sense and in how this impacts the window’s lifespan – good maintenance is always key to keeping costs down and ensuring huge replacement work won’t need to take place ahead of time.

By treating the wood regularly, ensuring any moss or foliage is kept off the surface and doing a quick visual check of the wood every now and again, you’ll not only prolong the life of your wooden windows, but you’ll likely be able to spot issues before they turn into terminal problems.

Re-finish and Re-paint

Your hardwood windows need a good amount of TLC to keep in top condition, and this can involve them needing to be re-finished and re-painted every five to seven years, depending on conditions and weathering.

Find Local Tradesmen

As with most home renovation projects, finding local tradesmen can usually be the key to keeping your costs low. They won’t carry the same overheads as national companies, and can usually be more flexible on price than they can.


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Are Hardwood Windows the Best Choice for My Home?

Hardwood windows aren’t your only option; there’s UPVC and aluminium to consider, too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood

  • Beautiful, adding value to your home as well as style
  • Energy-efficient and are said to last up to sixty years if properly cared for
  • Requires upkeep to stay in good condition
  • Can be costly to repair or replace

Advantages and Disadvantages of UPVC

  • Energy-efficient said to retain 10% more heat inside your home so your energy bills will be lower
  • Lasts for up to 25 years
  • Security accolades, with insurance firms rewarding homeowners with UPVC windows with lower premiums
  • Not as attractive as hardwood, or as timeless

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminium

  • Can last for up to 30 years
  • Affordable, and won’t degrade over time like UPVC may
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient and durable
  • Less flexibility with window design
  • Can be seen as less attractive than hardwood varieties

What’s Involved in Fitting Hardwood Windows?

When having a window fitter in, the steps they’ll take to remove and replace your windows are likely to be as follows:


Your old windows will be removed, starting with the window panes first. This will need the help of more than one person to complete, due to the size.

For this, the contractors will use a combination of a chisel and club hammer to knock the frame out of position, and the windowsill will be taken away at the same time.

Outer Sill and Frame Installation

The new window’s outer sill will then be cut to size, ensuring a good fit around your home’s brickwork.

This will then be screwed onto the window frame, with any vents and ventilators screwed into place, too.

Windowpane Installation

Your new window will then be installed, with a spirit level handy to check the levels continually during the process.

Trims and Finishings

Any gaps can be covered with a scotia trim outside, and then internally a trim will be added and secured using sealant to make everything neat and tidy.

How Do I Find and Hire a Window Fitter?

Seek recommendations from family, friends, and neighbours for traders they’ve used recently and trusted. It’s also worthwhile checking Fensa for traders part of specific bodies.

You can also use HouseholdQuotes to help save you up to 40% of your project fee, while shortening the time you have to spend looking for traders.

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Ensuring the Professional Is the Right Fit

Over the years, double-glazing salesmen have received a bad reputation for aggressive selling strategies. Whilst not everyone is going to try and rip you off, it’s worth knowing a few tips to even the playing field.

Beware of Inflated Prices

In many cases, the initial price can be 50-70% higher than what they are willing to accept.

Buy-Today Discounts

A pushy sales tactic is to offer a reduction for committing on the spot. Stand firm and allow yourself time to analyse their price. Funnily enough, the discount will still be available next time!

Ask For a Written Quote

It’s well worth asking for an official written quote, with all prices and work to be completed. This allows you to check up on their pricing. It may help to verbally tell them you will be comparing their prices with others.

First Customer Power

If you’re the first house on your street to use this company, your negotiating power will increase. If you let them show an advertising board can sweeten the deal for them.

It’s also good to ask if there is a manufacturer’s guarantee on the windows as this will save you money on repairs if they’re needed.

If you need more information on double-glazing, window replacements or simply finding competent tradesmen, visit the Fensa and Certass trade associations.

Final Checklist

Whether you’ve already got hardwood windows at your property, or you’re thinking of swapping out your old UPVC frames for something more sophisticated, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Choose a timber that suits your style and your budget
  • Find a window fitter using HouseholdQuotes to help to save up to 40% on your fee
  • Make sure to get a written quote and check for any manufacturer’s guarantees
  • Once fitted, make sure you keep up regular maintenance to prolong the life of your windows

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Timber Windows Last?

Timber windows, when properly looked after, can last for up to 60 years.

Can You Repair a Timber Window Instead of Replacing It?

Yes, absolutely – it’s one of the good reasons to keep your hardwood window well-maintained over the years to save yourself the expense of a full replacement. Speak to your fitter as they’ll be able to provide replacement parts or fix anything that’s not quite 100%.

Do Air-Dried Timber Windows Last Longer Than Kiln-Dried Windows?

Typically speaking, air-dried windows will only be dried to a natural level in the atmosphere, while kiln-dried windows will be dried to a further level than is natural.

Kiln-drying makes the wood perfect for indoor environments, while air-drying is better for outdoors where the temperature can fluctuate.

Because of this, in the case of windows, air-dried will last for longer.

Can I Fit New Windows Myself?

While it’s possible to fit new windows by yourself it is often best left to the professionals. Relying on their expertise will get the job done with greater efficiency and superior results.

With hardwood windows prices as high as they are you need to ensure their safety, security and performance for many years to come. Unless you have worked in the window trade before, this is going to be money well spent.