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23rd Mar 2019

Conveyancing Process Explained!



What is conveyancing?

When buying a property, there are four significant steps involved: marketing of the property, concluding the contracts which are known as missives, completing title and drafting new deeds to transfer ownership. Your Property Wizard can help you with personal home buying conveyancing or commercial conveyancing. We have helped out local Glasgow and Edinburgh residents right through to property developers, , plumbing companies, fit-out contractors and government organisations.   


The advice of a property solicitor is key to getting this process right the first time. Our recommended partners will ensure you get a good and marketable title to your property. This is the primary role of any solicitor during a conveyancing transaction. To ensure you get exactly what you are paying for, the solicitor will check title deeds, the land register, inspect and draft missives, negotiate on your behalf, complete all the important paperwork and finally agree on a date of entry whether buying or selling. In short, a solicitor carries out the complex work involved, in a short space of time, to make the whole process are stress-free for you as possible.


What are the different stages of the conveyancing process?

Once a price for the property is agreed, the buyer and sellers solicitors then negotiate the terms of the contract, which is called missives. The missives will include essential terms such as the date of entry, the price agreed, any furniture remaining in the property although white goods etcare usually sold along with the property. The seller’s solicitor will also send the buyers solicitor the title deeds of the property involved, along with a copy of a land register search, showing that the property can be legally sold.


The missives form the basis of the contract of sale/purchase. Once all appropriate forms are signed, the parties can treat the transaction as complete, with keys and the relevant sums usually being passed on the date of entry.



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