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Glasgow cathedral also known as St Mungo’s or the High Kirk Of Glasgow is one of Scotland’s only medieval cathedrals. The church is well worth a visit and is a fantastic display of Scottish Gothic architecture.

The cathedral was built before the famous reformation in the 12th century, the bishop and then later the arch bishop served their seating’s here. The church is steep in history and played a role in the battle of Glasgow both in 1560 and earlier in 1544.

Technically the building is no longer a cathedral, this is because no bishop has been seated here since 1690. However, the cathedral is still very much a place of Christian worship and the church of Scotland congregation takes place here. The resident minister is Rev Laurence A. B. Whitley, an experienced minister from St Andrews Parish Church. In terms of ownership, the building belongs to the crown but historic Scotland are in charge of maintenance. The cathedral is on of Glasgow’s most popular tourist destinations.

The cathedral formally represented a center of education and this is where the University Of Glasgow started. There is no exact date to as when the University was formed here but it is estimated classes started in 1851 and William Turnball was the spear head for creating this leading University.

The cathedral is renowned for its high-quality choir which it has maintained over the years. The choir sings twice a week at the Sunday service. The cathedral has four manual father wills, this was built in 1879 and re-constructed in 1996 by Harrsion&Harrsion

The cathedral is easy to find and is next to the royal infirmary in central Glasgow. Your Property Wizard very much suggests you give the cathedral a visit if you have recently moved to the city and want to discover Glasgow’s rich history.

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