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Home Reports in Stirling

When selling a property in Stirling, you must instruct a surveyor to prepare a home report for your property. Your Property Wizard can assist in finding you the best local chartered surveyors, solicitors, and estate agents, to produce cost-effective and reliable home reports that meet regulations.

How is a Home Report Structured?

A Home Report is split into three sections

Single Survey

This section of the home report gives a detailed report of the upkeep and value of the property in question. Alongside the survey, comes an official audit which specifically sets out certain criteria and aspects of the property that a potential buyer could be interested in, such as disabled access and where repairs need to be made. Although the homeowner has no legal obligation to make these repairs, not doing so can hurt the sellers ability to sell the home for the full price.

Energy Report

The energy report gives detailed information about the energy efficiency of the property, looking also at the homes carbon footprint. The report suggests methods of cutting down emissions and if any action needs to be taken.

Property Questionnaire

The property questionnaire is completed by the homeowner. The homeowner needs to list information about the property that only they are likely to know. This includes aspects such as council tax band, local amenities, parking. The questionnaire roughly has nine pages of questions, with varying level of difficulties. Often homeowners need help from their conveyancing solicitor to answer the harder questions.

Home Reports in Stirling and the surrounding area

Here at your property wizard, we only source quotes from local chartered surveyors who comply with RICS and are also fully qualified. This allows us to source the best quotes from surveyors in the Stirling area, who we know are going to provide a first class service. We select our agents from a pool of surveyors who we have worked with previously, and can provide you with a quote which suits your needs best, in a very short space of time.

Why choose us to source your home report in Stirling?


  • With a network of charter surveyors, solicitors and estate agents we can source the best quotes.
  • Speak to our property consultants over the phone throughout the week.
  • We only source quotes from RICS register charted surveyors.
  • We offer a plethora of free resources on our blog and over the phone property consultants.
  • Best Priced Quotes in Stirling and the surrounding area.


We offer a Home Reports Stirling service throughout all Stirling regions and more widely across the central belt. Our Glasgow home report advice services are renowned and this has transferred to east side, and central Scotland.

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